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Lone Star State Gov. Rick Perry goes home lonely

Published On: Feb 13 2013 11:45:11 AM CST
AUSTIN, Texas -

Gov. Rick Perry is wrapping up his high-profile recruiting trip to California without having convinced any businesses to relocate to his state - at least not yet.
  The Republican said Wednesday that he met with "entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the Golden State." He also held a reception for more than 200 California companies who have expressed interest in moving.
  But Perry offered nothing concrete to show for the visit as he heads home.
  Last week, Perry was featured in radio ads denigrating California taxes and regulation and touting Texas as friendlier to businesses.
  He now says that competition between the states is healthy, even if it can sometimes get uncomfortable.
  Perry likened it to a race, saying he'd rather be ahead and "letting someone look at my backside."