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Simi Valley pet store's adopted animals removed after owner refuses treatment for sick cats and dogs

Published On: Dec 31 2012 12:01:52 PM CST

Investigators say nearly two dozen dogs and cats seized at a Southern California pet store may have been exposed to parvovirus, which can be deadly if untreated.
  The Humane Society of Ventura says Penny Dulaff was selling the animals at a Simi Valley storefront called Healing Hearts Animal Rescue.
  The animals were likely sick when adopted from Kern County shelters and they were not treated, spayed or neutered.
  The Ventura County Star ( ) says Dulaff was served notice Friday that the 21 dogs and two cats inside the business needed veterinary care within 24 hours.
  No action was taken and the animals were seized on Saturday afternoon.
  The woman's husband, Troy Dulaff, says his wife has saved thousands of dogs over recent years despite hardships.