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Study shows safer streets for Californians if illegal immigrants have driver's licenses

Published On: Jan 16 2013 09:32:13 AM CST

 A California study shows driver's licenses for illegal immigrants would make streets safer.
  The Department of Motor Vehicles report says unlicensed drivers in the state, most of them illegal immigrants are nearly three times likely to cause a deadly crash.
  The Los Angeles Times says passing a written exam and driving test could improve road safety and reduce fatalities.
  It's the DMV's first significant analysis of unlicensed drivers in 15 years and it adds to the debate over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.
  Immigrant rights groups say that driver's licenses for illegal immigrants would also reduce costly uninsured motorist claims. Insurance companies paid out $634 million in claims for collisions related to uninsured motorists in 2009, the most recent figures available.