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Dangerous curve with no warning for drivers

Published On: Feb 03 2014 02:00:00 AM CST

The road quickly narrows a few feet going west bound near south ridge drive and east palm canyon at the wash. When the road hits the bridge it narrows without warning. There are black tire marks all over the curb. David Trovato says he was nearly hit by a truck that swerved to avoid hitting the guard rail of the bridge.

Palm Springs, Calif. -

Tire marks blacken the curb on East Palm Canyon Drive approaching the bridge that crosses the wash near Southridge Drive. The west bound lanes quickly narrow as they approach the bridge.

"You don't know it until the last minute because its on the curve on the bridge," Palm Springs resident, David Trovato said. "And there's some weeds and shrubbery that actually block it until you're right up on it."

There are no warning signs to alert drivers that the road narrows ahead. Trovato says he was nearly run off the road by a semi-truck who suddenly swerved to avoid hitting the bridge guard rail.

"They're going to have to do something to give more warning that the lane narrows," Trovato said.

After multiple phone calls to the city went unanswered, we went to city hall on our own, and showed the director of public works and engineering the Google maps images, bringing the issue to his attention.

"We would certainly look into it and see if a sign was there, and if it was, to replace it," Palm Springs Director of Public Works and Engineering, David Barakian said. "If not, and it's warranted, we would certainly put one up."

While the city engineer is there, Palm Springs visitor Sharon Case thinks he should also look into the bike lane that abruptly ends on the other side of East Palm Canyon at the bridge.

"There's no sign or anything indicating that the bike lane ends. So you get to the bridge, you reach a gate, and you're just stuck."

We watched one bicyclist ride up to the gate, then cross the busy four lane road to reach the other side where the path continues on the bike bridge across the wash.

On one end of the bridge bikers hit a wall. On the other, the wall closes in on drivers.

"It definitely is a hazard there," Trovato said. "It's something I don't think the city has overlooked intentionally. I think its just something that just sort of happened and they just didn't complete a project to make it safer for the people."