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Coachella Valley Red Cross volunteers drive east

Published On: Nov 05 2012 06:34:38 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 05 2012 07:19:47 PM CST
Boats on Broadway Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Hurricane Sandy

Steve Nesius/Reuters


It's New York or bust for the first Red Cross volunteers from the Coachella Valley who are driving across the country to help people left in Superstorm Sandy's wake.

"We call in and say, 'If you need help, we'll go,'" Red Cross volunteer Dene Shaver said.

After the destructive superstorm left thousands without food, clothing, and homes - swarms of people need that help.  Red Cross volunteers Dene Shaver, Nico Lievense, and the Emergency Response Vehicle don't have a return time or date in mind.

"I'm not sure, as long as we're needed," Lievense said.

These Emergency Response Vehicles drive around to different neighborhoods affected by Sandy, feeding people in need.

"I have a PA system, I can get on that and tell them we'll be on such and such corner and we'll feed them, sometimes three times a day," Shaver said.
"There is a window there, so it'll be set up to where we can scoop up meals and hand it out to people," Lievense said.

The volunteers say they live for trips like these, where the Red Cross essentially helps saves lives.

"I've been on another deployment in Alabama, and people have made me cry, just by coming up and thanking us. It's heart warming," Lievense said.

"You come home a different person when you're able to help people that are so impacted by this disaster and really need our help," Shaver said.