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Dorner Carjacking Victim files lawsuit for one million dollar reward

Published On: Apr 19 2013 08:15:34 PM CDT
Christopher Dorner 3

LONG BEACH, Calif. -

A Long Beach man who was carjacked by fugitive ex-police officer Christopher Dorner, is suing the city of Los Angeles for the one million dollar reward offered for Dorner's arrest last February.

The lawsuit alleges the city breached a reward contract and violated Rick Heltebrake's civil rights by trying to force what Heltebrake calls an unfair proceeding for the reward.

On April 5, the Los Angeles Police Department announced the process for submitting a claim for the reward money. Three former judges formed a panel to determine how the reward would be distributed, and to whom, if at all.

Heltebrake claims the process ignores both California law and City ordinances pertaining to rewards.

"The City has left us no choice but to seek redress in the Los Angeles Superior Court because they arbitrarily and capriciously established an unfair, one sided process that ignores Heltebrake's fundamental, due process rights", said Thomas.

Thirty public and private entities donated money for the reward, but some who contributed withdrew their pledge because Dorner was not captured or convicted.

According to Heltebrake, he was driving his truck in the San Bernardino Mountains on February 12, when he was carjacked by Dorner.

Heltebrake reported the incident to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputies and the report, according to Heltebrake, led authorities to Dorner in a mountain cabin, where he ultimately died.

Dorner is suspected in the deaths of four people, including a Riverside police officer, and a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy.