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Rancho Mirage seeks to fill empty council seat

Published On: Nov 20 2012 07:31:56 PM CST

The Rancho Mirage city council spent the day conducting interviews, hoping to fill the empty council seat.
"We're looking for a great teammate. We want someone who will round out the skill set of the existing council, brings some diversity, some unique ideas and thoughts," Rancho Mirage Mayor Scott Hines said.      

Shawn Isaac is one of the applicants.

"I love doing music. I've had two shows on MTV. I have a new TV series coming out, and I've toured the country and have a few songs on the radio," Issac said. "Started my own business here in Rancho Mirage, and I'm a Chamber of Commerce member here in Rancho Mirage, and I'm also commissioner for the city. I've spent my whole life out here, care a lot about the city."

Another interesting fact about Isaac - he is 23 years old.

"The more and more you get involved, it stirs up your passion. I've been blessed with two great parents who have instilled great values in me of wanting to give back to the community," he said.

If chosen, he would be by far the youngest city council member. For those who think youth equates to incompetence, isaac says this.

"Mark Zuckerberg is like 26, 27 and worth a few billion dollars and he runs one of the most valuable companies in the world. Youth is passion, high energy," Isaac said.

Not one person ran against the current three incumbents, so last April's election was called off, yet 15 people came forward to apply to fill the vacancy left when mayor pro tem Gordon Moller died last month.

"In some ways it's more competitive, to tell you the truth. It is harder to impress folks already on the council because we work this every single day," Hines said.  "Really we want to preserve the harmony this council is known for."

The council is expected to announce a succesor at the december 6th meeting.