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Three valley banks robbed in two days

Published On: Feb 02 2013 01:50:26 AM CST
PS Bank Robbery 2

Rob Bradley

Police tape around Bank of Southern California on N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs after Friday night robbery.


 It seems the robbery at the Citi Bank in Palm Springs on Thursday was just the beginning.
     Shortly after 4:20 pm on Friday the Bank of Southern California in Palm Springs was also robbed. Now police believe the same man may have pulled off both robberies.

     The string has some shop owners in the area concerned. Nancy Kuria owns Africa and Beyond, a shop right around the corner from the Bank of Southern California on Palm Canyon. She tells us, "Well in general it worries me but it really worries me  because it happened next door to me. You know and...that kind of makes me think about security more."
     Police say the suspect descriptions in both robberies are very similar. He's described as a bald white man, between 5'6" and 5'8", wearing a black hoodie with dark jeans and dark glasses.
     Police haven't released any details about the amounts stolen in the first two crimes, and it doesn't seem like the robber has any intention of stopping.
     While police were still investigating the robbery at the Bank of Southern California, a suspect matching the same description hit the Chase bank in Rancho Mirage, at Bob hope Drive and Gerald Ford.
     A man who wishes to remain anonymous, describes what he saw as the attempted robbery took place. "I was sitting here waiting for a tow truck for our car and I saw a guy walk over to the bank, put his hood on, put a hat on, and then about a minute later came back to his car where there was a girl waiting, where they had gotten gas, got in the car, he ducked down and then they left."
     When we asked him to describe the suspect, it matched those given in the other two robberies. He also gave us a description of the woman driving the silver sedan the man took off in at the Chase branch, as a white woman with brown or reddish hair, wearing a white shirt and plaid shorts.
     Some residents in Rancho Mirage, like Vinnie Kandis, were surprised to say the least. He tells us, "You know we have a bank account at Chase, my dad does, so we're in this bank quite a bit, come to this gas station quite often and...strange. It's interesting."
     No gun has yet been seen in the rash of robberies, and no notes have thus far been given to tellers at the banks either.
     Anyone with any information on any of the crimes is being asked to call Valley Crime Stoppers at 341-STOP.