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'Helping Hands' make changes all over California

Published On: Apr 27 2013 05:25:09 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 28 2013 04:28:13 PM CDT

Thousands of people helped clean up their communities.

INDIO, Calif. -

Reagan Risk believes life comes full circle.

"It's sort of like the saying, 'Treat others how you want to be treated'. If I'm going to want other people to help me later in life, I sure better help other people," volunteer Regan Risk said.

That's why she joined the 400 other people cleaning up the Coachella Valley, and the more than 85 thousand people cleaning up California on 'Helping Hands' Day.

Two hands might not seem like a lot, but when you multiply that, a lot of work gets done.

"One person, it might take hours and most likely days to fix this up. But, within a couple hours with 20 to 30 people, we can have this all done. Then we can move onto the next place," Risk said.

Reagan's Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints spent the morning in Indio sanding and painting the town gazebo.

"It's a place we hope we have music here, people gathering, events here. It's a beautiful gazebo, part of Doug York park. It's designed for festivals and events," Indio Mayor Elaine Holmes said.

Other volunteers cleaned up parks, highways, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Giving each project a new look, maybe some people a new outlook.

"We want to have a domino affect on people. Having one teenager help out in the community, hopefully ten more from my high school will want to find a way to help," Risk said.

Because what goes around comes around.